Her brows raised as she heard what her father just said. “Ah, you know Frozen? Cool, but that’s not really what I meant. —” she paused before she took a deep breath, “do you wanna build a snowman?”

"Not particularly in the mood for it. Why do
 you ask, my dear?” 

    ( the tome was set down on the desk and he clasped
      his fingers together, looking at her expectantly. )


█▓▒░ ⊰ ✯ ⊱ ;  

            & squalling agony was a well- honed blade carved
            wretchedly  ‘loft  heaving  chest,  tapered peak  cleaving 
            such        dainty            softness         of         alabastrine  
            sheath  much   akin      to        an       untamed       beast 
            of        a     prey  claiming  the  long  dead                      .

                { venin- dripped prong. }

                                                                                trailing unbridled tendrils of 
                                                             scathing    embers    athwart    tottering 
                                                             frame      mercy-  ridden   &   seeming
                                                             intractable                                    both ).

                                    fated sorrow fostered gracelessly upon faultless 
                                    countenance,  glinting   ivories   bared   beneath 
                                    rebarbative    paleness   of   plumpish  lips;;     a 
                                    curtailed        lull,     &     mayhaps   an   anewed
                                    stertorous          bellow         of     the         weak.

                ( jagged claws puncturing feeblest of ashen flesh, whilst 
                the   lost facets    of   quantum  realms  shall  glimpse of 
                crystalline   torrents    hailing    from    ambered   gaze  )

                                                                        lurid screams would swiftly fade in 
                                                                        lieu of racking whimpers                   .

                                              faint cries, & an aberrant flicker 
                                 of   bleary  ebony  &   glistering  hazels.

                   a subtle stir, & a silken swathe of bundled fabric 
                   would   so   fitly   adorn    bone-    wearied limbs.

                                                             all the rarity ! A tiny, squirming creature  lay 
                                                             betwixt velveteen peels of cloth, pudgy fists 
                                                             &      a    smooth   curve   of   raven   crown 
                                                             gently                       held                 abreast.

                        & oh those
                l   o   v   e   l   y
                ochre    tomes !

                          ❝   she’s               ❞.


                                                    ( opaline mists would stream
                                                    across   beauteous   visage )

                                                                         ❝   beautiful ❞. 

( a murmur was his only response, as was the
  subtle shuffle of the blanket as it was pulled
  over her torso by an unseen force. while most
  parents claimed that their child looked like them,
  the baby had more traces of Jane than he did.
  even the hair… )

    “Thank the gods she has her mother’s looks.”

( there was a pause, as he considered the conse-
  quences of having a daughter who looked like
  his wife; consequences that would arise when the
  child grew older. )

"—— she won’t accept suitors."

    ( the decision was a hasty one, he knew, as there
      was still time for him to recant his words. but it
      was hard to deny the bond that had been formed;
      an invisible line that connected the three of them.
      the doctor and nurses gave the new family time
      together, before saying that the mother and child
      had to be wheeled into a private room. at this Loki
      didn’t protest, and walked alongside the gurney as
      it was pushed out of the delivery room and down
      the hallway. Donald Blake was nowhere in sight, and
      he suspected that the man was licking his wounds
      and waiting for another chance to strike. oh to teach
      the fool that he was not the gallant Thor… )


( Selvig and Darcy hurried over, the latter gasping at the
  sight of the littlest Foster, cooing and making faces. he
  bit back a smirk and pushed the doors open to the room,
  perching on one of the armchairs close to the bed the
  nurses settled his wife on, arm resting on the side of the
  mattress as he stroked the back of her palm, a silent
  sentinel. ) 


When you really really want to answer an Rp but you can’t find the right words and you are answering other RPs faster than the speed of light and you are sure the other RPer thinks you are being a douchebag but in reality you are just like


█▓▒░ ⊰ ✯ ⊱ ;  

                          ❝                     now❞.

                                                                         ❝  i want to see him  ❞. 

                                quivering clamor  churned tempestuously 
            ‘pon   steeping   desperation   ( to once again  grasp   such
            pacifying warmth of a hand,   to glimpse his face if nary but 
            to   quell   acrid   agony   welling  ‘tween  feebled    veins  )
            flagitious     acrimony     woven     daintily  within lumbering 
            burden    of    undertones —   a  vague  pithiness  echoing 
            every churlish syllable   whilst   indubitably   alluding  either 
            wearying prostration or stirring petulance of a  kindled soul.


                                                                         ” calm down  ”. 
                                                           ”   you have to stay here ”. 

                                    skewing frame willed to rise against forbidding fetters,
                                    a doddering endeavor,  &  aching  limbs would swiftly 
                                    stagger astern in sheer demurral of rather  audacious 
                                    displacement;;  auburn  crown  veers aback ceded of 
                                    an   addled   thud,    prickling    paroxysm    hollowing 
                                    core         as             it          so      fleetly         mounts.

                                                             seeking gaze then  half-  veiled,  ebbing 
                                                             consciousness ripe if bidden to be justly 
                                                             sequestered  apart  a  weakening clasp.

                temples heel subtly in oblique posturance, auburn tresses 
                pooling deftly aside,  &  a  flitting  blur  of  clouded stygian 
                mars  opaque  glance  across  looming   statues   clad   of 
                driveling  white;;   a  slight   groove betwixt sorrel brows, a 
                feral           flicker     of       blazing     emerald      hindering 
                amaranthine           universe       of       dreary             grey.

                                 breath of abatement drawn, & pliant digits  briskly 
                                 sought,   familiar   outline   of  adonisian  features 
                                 come      to     rest   nighmost    those    depthless,
                                 orbit             of         glistering        hazel      tomes.

                & a mollifying scent — surging tides of
                endless  winter,  &   haunting    trail  of 
                ancient              deodars              twain.

                                                                                yet the raging 
                                                             storm   had   only   begun.

                                    her screams would adorn  farthest of the realms,
                                    clamorous as would a strident clap of blundering 
                                    thunderstruck hailed;;   &   dreaded   morn  shall 
                                    wound to naught of   starless nights,  sentiments 
                                    borne     of      mere  inspiritment   would    wane
                                    & fade,      a  g  o  n  y          ever-  unyielding….

                { consumption flaring madly akin to a seething 
                wildfire     searing      a      throbbing     heart. }

                                                                  { no, she can’t stay awake for long.  }

( what words of comfort were left unheard in the
  midst of her screams, what soft squeezes of
  reassurance left unfelt. with each passing second
  Loki’s temper grew, as evidenced by the looks he
  gave the doctor and nurses. )


           ”Another epidural! Quickly!”

( rubbing her fingers against his cheek, he closed his
  eyes in an effort to calm himself, but he could feel
  the subtle twitch of his cheek as his anger grew. oh
  to strike out at those handling the birth of their child…
  the idea was tempting, but he dared not leave her
  side. not now, while she was fighting to bring the baby
  into the world. )

    “I’m here, min kjærlighet. Just a little further…”  

( —— and there it was. the cries of a newborn filled the
  room, as one of the nurses raised a blood-stained in-
  fant, while another cut the umbilical cord. another
  wrapped the baby in a swath of cloth before quickly
  cleaning it of the blood that stuck to its skin. )

"It’s a girl."

    ( fingers curled, digging into the soft mattress of the bed
      Jane was on, near-dried lips pressing a kiss to the side
      of her head as the nurse handed the squirming baby to
      her mother. hazel eyes blinked back at him, a small fist
      punching the cloth that covered her tiny body. )

ARTIST: Snow Patrol
TRACK: Chasing Cars
ALBUM: Eyes Open
15,691 plays



You know, I often think they should have left the extended version of the LET’S GO TO JOTUNHEIMR! scene in the movie for many reasons, but it just occured to me…you know this bit here?




…because Loki never intended anyone to go to Jotunheimr, least of all himself. As soon as the others went, he was obviously planning to strut over to the Allfather and say DADDY DADDY THOR’S BEING A DOUCHEHEAD, or just get someone else to do it. Because he’s so pissed off later that the guard he TOLD to do it didn’t; he obviously didn’t plan that or he’d have picked someone WHO OWNED A FUCKING WATCH or at least some sense of bloody timing.

But…when Thor was so surprised that Loki thought he wasn’t joining him, Loki just…oh fuck, I can’t even articulate this properly. Loki didn’t expect Thor to even consider inviting him on his little jihad. And Loki didn’t even want to go. And yet, he’s so taken aback when Thor thinks he is coming that his first instinct, above all else, is to say yes.

And this is where it all turns to shit. Because not only does this entire scenario get Thor banished, it’s also the only reason Loki found out the truth about his parentage. Loki set himself up for this and he knows it…but he also knows it only happened because he loves his goddamned stupid brother and just can’t say no to him.

Sentiment, he says in The Avengers, as he stabs his brother in the side after Thor begs him to help him fix this. And Loki cries.

He cries because even then he still can’t actually say the word no.

Eᴠᴇʀʏᴛʜɪɴɢ I ʟᴏᴠᴇ
ʜᴀs ᴇɪᴛʜᴇʀ ʀᴜɪɴᴇᴅ ᴍᴇ﹐
ᴏʀ ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜᴇᴅ ᴀs I ʀᴜɪɴᴇᴅ ɪᴛ ɪɴsᴛᴇᴀᴅ.

 - (via xstrange)


█▓▒░ ⊰ ✯ ⊱ ;  

            time would so swiftly freeze midst racking chaos
            &   nigh-   prodigious   discord  (  raucous   bedlam   of 
            bellowing  screams   augmenting  tautness  of  nipping 
            breeze ),   slender    arms   draping   about    quivering 
            silhouette  whilst  auburn  crown  lulls  aside  in  a  wild 
            entanglement   of   amber   locks   — sentiments bared
            fleetly    waning    onto    languid    drones   as   dreary 
            consciousness  idles  gravely  ‘tween   tempering  hold.

                                    she ascends, soft temples resting aloft soothing 
                                    warmth  of  lover’s  ever-  fluttering  chest, ancient 
                                    wisps of  peculiar  augury  deftly  veiling  teetering 
                                    form  as  unabridged  spiral  of  perennial  cosmos 
                                    fades          into           utmost                 blackness
                                    once             more                                                  .

                                                                                only to wound aback unfathomed 
                                                             terrenes of flickering  lights,  throbbing  frame 
                                                             gently   lain   atop   algid   stroke  of  indurate 
                                                             cushion beneath;;  soft  murmurs   of secours
                                                             unheeded,  ensnarement  of digits unraveling 
                                                             in       b i t t e r e s t          of         valediction.


                { she aches for  littlest  fount  of
                soothing comfort;; & she bleeds
                for the  simplest  of  his  touch. }

                          ❝   where is               ❞.

                                                       ”   he’s outside ”. 

                                                    tethering hand brutishly binds shoulder 
                                                    ‘gainst mounted berth, hushed  whispers 
                                                    bade   to   becalm   of  tempestuous woe 
                                                    soaring                                           within.

                                                                         ”but you’re okay now, honey  ”. 
                                                                                 ”   we got you ”. 

                                                                                                               {  okay ?
                                                                                                               no ( ! !}      

                                                                   ’ okay ‘ was certainly not waking up one 
                                                                  night from deep slumber howling in  pain;; 
                                                                  ‘ okay ’  wasn’t  being  dragged  to     God- 
                                                                  knows- where & having pinned down  like
                                                                  a raging beast;;  ‘ okay ‘ was                 .  }

                                                                         ❝  i need him here  ❞. 
                                                                                            ❝   please ❞.
                                                                           ❝   you don’t understand ❞. 

"Jane doesn’t need the likes of you tearing the
 room apart. She needs proper care, if the child
 is to—-“

    ( if the man thought that he would succeed in making
      the trickster cower at his words, he was wrong. each
      syllable was an insult, each breath coming from the
      foolish mortal a second not in his beloved wife’s com-
      pany. )

"Step aside."

    ( his tone should have made it clear that he was no longer
      jesting; he had reached the very end of his patience. but
      instead of moving, the doctor stepped closer to him,
      giving Loki the chance to read the man’s name plate.
                           DONALD BLAKE.
      the familiar name only made him smirk, which was followed
      by a flash of green light and a sharp bang. the doctor was
      sent flying across the corridor, where he landed against the
      wall with a soft crack. )

( oh but he had no concern over whether he’d caused damage
  or not - in fact he hoped the man had broken a number of
  bones - as he pushed the doors of the delivery room open,
  making a beeline for the writhing form on the bed. )

    “Jane. Be still, dear heart. They haven’t harmed you,
     have they?”

( shooting a distrustful look at the other doctor and the nurses
  in the room, he conjured a seat beside her bed and held her
  hand, letting her rub her fingers against his cheek to comfort
  her. if only the birthing process was that easy…. )

"She’s almost a month early. If we continue—"

    “If you do not continue this procedure and endanger the lives
     of my child and my wife, I assure you you won’t see either
     of yours, doctor. Do what must be done.”

( hours had passed and still there was only the sound of agony; a
  sound he wished to block out and soothe, but there were some
  areas he was powerless against. all he could do was wait and hold
  her hand, hating how he was putting the survival of his family in
  the inept hands of mortal healers. )


T R A N S F O R M A T I O N.