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Lights, Camera, [Dissatisf]Action | Model AU 


Alsoomse snorted, covering her mouth to muffle any loud laughter that threatened to escape her lips. He had a point, unfortunately. Whoever decided to create chocolate in the likeness of nipples and name it as such was admittedly creative, however she still couldn’t stop laughing about the matter.

"Maybe, but I technically have more practice," she insisted with a sniff of her nose, a mock of prissiness. As the scent of chocolate wafted through the nostrils, she took in a deep breath. "I’m trying and failing," she stated, mouth watering as she scooted in eagerly. It was a chocolate heaven much to her delight.

"We’ll see tomorrow, huh?" he said, leaning forward to murmur in her ear. Clapping both hands on her shoulders, he inhaled loudly before walking over to one of the shelves, taking a huge bag of chocolate shells and reading the label. "This one is filled with rich milk chocolate, and this one…" - he took another bag next to it - "…is full of caramel."

He turned to Alsoomse, holding both bags as if his hands were weighing scales. “Which one? And they have those pepper triangles behind you!” 


█▓▒░ ⊰ ✯ ⊱ ;  


                                Valiant & regal the fair queen  was  ( per- 
                                        -chance  what  one  truly  lacks upon 

                                        the field of bloodshed,  shall   coun-
                                        -tervail for wellborn grace & unpara-
                                        -goned curtailment  beheld ),   ethe-
                                        -real  pulchritude  frozen   whilst the 
                                        eye of heaven fleetly  wears on,   li-
                                        -ssome   limbs  anchored  aloft  tim-
                                        -bered furniture as if it were  a king’s 
                                        own   throne,  until  such  quavering 
                                        breath of a sigh sunders roseate lips 
                                        afore   mounting on  gentle toes —
                                        clamorous bewailing of   the  young
                                        nursling      beckoning   the   doting
                                        mother forth.

( the wails of the young child - henry and
  anne’s sudden departure had been duly
  noted from the guards’ reports - were an
  urgent call, and he made a quick detour
  upstairs, taking the child from his nurse.
  soft coos did not calm little linus, and as
  he tried uttering soft reassurances, the
  baby drew his hand back and smacked
  loki full on the cheek. )

              ( for a moment father and son both looked
                at each other, green eyes on green. )

                              “You truly are her son. And
                                mine, young Linus.”

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Her previous hesitation forgotten
in the presence of a crisis, she shot
him a withering glance, both at his
sarcastic tone and the obvious
suggestion. They were a SHIELD
facility- there were things kept
in this building that she did not
have the clearance to be aware

                She moved to her desk, leaning
                over and typing furiously as she 
                brought up the security footage…
                footage that was non-existent.


"Security breach is on the fifth
floor. Restricted access”
A voice cackles on the
radio but disappears quickly
into static. Her brow furrows
as her mind tries to make sense,
keep her calm even as she panics.

She watches him carefully as he
moves, something obviously
catching his attention. It’s not
him- it is not his MO. Surely
he would want to be seen to
be the culprit. 

                    “What is it?” she asks carefully,
                    following behind him from a 

( he exhaled slowly; a gesture suited for a
  disappointed father who’d just caught his
  child doing something naughty. the laugh
  that the radio had picked up was achingly
  familiar. )

                    "The more appropriate question is who.
                     Now would be the time to alert Maria
                     Hill, my dear. Tell them a certain Amora
                     is in the facility.”


    ( he had never been exceptionally heroic;
      it was always thor who did these kinds of
      things. but the fact that she had tried to
      make it seem that he was behind her actions
      was irritating. )

"Restricted access. We’ll see."

( it was barely a murmur, drowned out
  by the alarms. a small ball of green
  light formed on his palm, which he
  released towards the elevators. it
  made a nice hole, a hole that he now
  walked towards, his armor magically
  fitting over his body as he did. )

            “At the risk of being grievously incorrect…”

( he took in the other’s appearance, as he
  slowly slipped from the shadows where
  he had been hiding for the past few hours. )

"…I shall assume the worst and believe you’ve been
    sent here to kill me. That or you just enjoy a slow,
    luxurious walk.”



"You seem to think I’ve experienced such things." She could not comprehend how he knew. “Why is that?” 

         ”Life and death are a happy combination.”

( the god turned to her briefly,
  before returning to the same
  spot he had been looking at. )

"If you live, then you have experienced death.
 Indirectly, considering your continued existence.”

( steps halted at the sight, as he
  studied the newcomer before 
  him. while he knew that many
  were invited to his brother’s
  coronation, there was still the
  possibility of the occasional
  straggler. )

                   ”You seem…lost.


"Possibly. I mean, does it turn into an almost invisible blur when it moves? Because if it doesn’t, then I can outrun it."


             ”Hmm. Well I haven’t had the chance to stop
              and see what it looks like while running. I’ve
              been more concerned with self-preservation
              to focus on what Mjolnir looks like.”


█▓▒░ ⊰ ✯ ⊱ ;  

                                                                        ❝  a king possesses his
own unfettered  will   ❞.
 a choice, if you may,
as  all  would   have  ❞.

                                Pliant fingers would briskly still that of his 
                                        own ( such scalding burden  of those 

                                        glistering tomes  boring  deftly  onto 
                                        evergreen gems ),   grasp  withdrawn 
                                        from   the   cusp  of alabastrine chin, 
                                        sorrel brows wound betwixt  asperous 
                                        entanglement   of  flush    entropy  &
                                        marked turmoil.

                                                                        ❝  og likevel valgte han å
forlate  sin  slekt  igjen   ❞.
 bør dronningen
bli overrasket ?  ❞.

                                          Perchance a myriad of clamor   shall  be 
                                                  heedlessly spilt from  cerise-  tainted

                                                  lips ( errant  petulance  does  not   &  
                                                  never will tailor one fit,  yet if so was
                                                  to be truly worn betimes,  gall would
                                                  veil the fair countenance as glorious 
                                                  as a lioness’s miff ),   rather  flagrant 
                                                  displeasure caught quite  fervidly  u-
                                                  -pon the highborn contours   of   lax-
                                                  ridden jaw. 

                                         ❝  if       you    leave
for battle————   ❞.
 jeg       er       ikke          helt
sikker   på   at   du  ville  ha
en familie å beskytte lenger  ❞.


               ”Then I have made my choice, no matter how
                 ILL you think it to be.”

     ( his hand dropped to his side, and he
       took a few steps back, nearly hitting
       the marble pillar behind him. )        

"I would rather you and Linus survive,
 loathing the very existence of me, 
 than have your lives at constant risk.”

( a few seconds passed without
  him saying anything, simply
  drinking in the very sight of her,
  before he walked past her on
  his way to the house. )