"Plenty of clothes don’t have metal. And he can control metal."


"I should learn what those are, then."

         ”Ah. He sounds quite powerful. To an extent.”


At Loki’s suggestion for her seeing him she shook her head. “No” she replied quickly and held up a shirt against Narfi to see if it would fit before adding it to the pile. “I can’t” she mumbled as she fitted her son for some new shoes. 

"Why not?" he asked, stepping to the side to let a mother and her daughter through. The little girl grinned at Narfi and giggled, before running off ahead of her mother. "Surely your maternal instincts would be sharper than mine."



"I haven’t the faintest idea what that word means,"

- much to her annoyance -

"but some people define success
differently than others do.”

- still breathing, for instance.

"Perhaps you could consult a dictionary.
 That is what it’s used for, after all.” 

          ( he smiled slowly, tilting his head as he
            considered her words. )

                     ”People define everything differently. A
                      constant facet of life, or so it seems.”

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The siren shook her head in amusement. While she had yet to come across a man turned into a woman—or at least dressed up as one—the image managed to weasel its way into her head and cause a light-hearted giggle to escape from her. Perhaps one day she’d witness something of a similar nature for herself. She was sure Loki would be more than willing to oblige.


"Thank you, Loki. I appreciate it." Delphine didn’t think he would have turned her in to the humans as he himself wasn’t one. Besides, what would he have gained in doing so? She had done him no harm. "It’s no wonder why none of the younglings in my coven have ever breached the surface. Human technology has improved immensely over the past few decades."

"They never seem capable of keeping their feet on the ground for longer than ten minutes, can they?" he commented. All the vehicles to take them from one end of the city to another; so the Aesir used horses or the Bifrost when they needed to travel, but those were for greater distances. Most of the time they simply walked, which they used as a chance to spend more time with their companions and family. 

Loki acknowledged her thanks with a simple nod; he wasn’t prone to bursts of affection anymore. Most of the time these were reserved to those he fully trusted, one of which was dead. “Perhaps there is another siren in your coven - is your group called a coven? - carries the same thoughts as you. You can’t be the only one who thinks that your people are…barbaric. Murderous.” 

Lights, Camera, [Dissatisf]Action | Model AU


"Oh my God." Alsoomse fought back more laughter. That would probably the only way someone could get her drunk. They’d have to spike her hot chocolate with hard liquor. "I’d probably end up in the hospital if that happened to me. I don’t hold excessive amounts of alcohol very well, so if I were to have a lot of it because I was eating or drinking a lot of chocolate, I’d conk out."

She shook her head violently. “No!” she insisted. “I’ve never—no!" She shook her head again. "Truth be told I’ve never dated a guy in my life regardless if I’ve known him all my life or not. Kind of sad, actually…. I always get asked if I have ‘someone special’ in my life and I’m always disappointing the nosy reporters."

"So you better not have these then," he told her, referring to Aphrodite’s Nipples. "Chocolate and sugar coated with rum. Or was it brandy? Either way it’s filled with alcohol, so you might not get to finish the entire bag. Maybe a few pieces, just so you can taste." He pushed the door open, standing in front of it while she went out. 

Loki made a face, nodding. He slid the sunglasses over his eyes again, hooking the plastic bag on his wrist. “Same. A lot of people think I date a lot, but I really don’t. My life’s…boring, to say the least. That one time I drank? That’s the first time I’ve ever been completely piss drunk.” 



Alsoomse gave him a bemused grin. “It would hardly be the first harvest I have missed, actually. In the past I had been occupied with… other engagements,” she informed him, stabbing at some of the meat on her plate with her fork. “They would not be horrendously upset with me. They are rather used to it by now.”

She’d done contracts for both the Templar Order when she had been an agent for them and contracts for those who leaned more toward the Assassin cause. By this point it wasn’t uncommon for the Shawnee woman to be absent during an important time for her village. She tried her best to participate when she could, though.

"Oh? And what would those ‘other engagements’ be?" he propped his chin on his hand, as if he was deeply interested - he was, just not as much as he seemed to be - while he bit into another pork strip and reached for some roasted chicken. Baldr’s panting was heard a few seconds later, as the beast crashed into the bench Loki was sitting on, knocking the plate of pork strips to the floor. Rather than object, he pushed the other dish containing the rack of ribs to the floor, smirking. 

The sounds of Baldr eating were mixed with his innocent whistling, as he drummed his fingers on the table. 


"Okay. Fine." Sighing. "I was once like that before, but not now. Someone trained me for that."

"A bloodsucker on the road for
 redemption. They seem to have
 made a film about it.”


"You can think what you want about the veracity of your request but I happen to know that you’ve had chances to take his life yourself and it hasn’t happened. I’ve done my homework, Loki. I know you think humans are beneath you but I value my life. If you get a case of sentiment at the last minute Thor won’t bat an eye at you but I can be positive that my pretty little head will be on a stake somewhere on some freak planet."

"And I know exactly how to take him down. His pride makes him an open target. Especially if the threat is coming from a mortal woman."

Standing, grabbing her bag she looks down at Loki and says, “What a pair we make. Both of us consumed by hatred and a desire for revenge. I hope it doesn’t eat either of us alive before we get what we want. And Loki? Don’t ever threaten me. It’s not wise regardless of who are what you are.”

"And you," he rose from his chair to look at her dead in the eye, "would do well not to threaten me. If you’ve truly done your homework, my dear, then you would know what I am capable of.”

A final smirk and he was gone, not minding that his disappearance could have been witnessed by other people in the area. A few blocks away, Loki walked over to the couch and lay down, flicking the television set on. The channels switched with each lazy flick of his finger, as he looked for a television show that caught his attention. The green sprite that he had summoned earlier flitted in to rest on his hand, the babbling incoherent to Midgardian ears but perfectly understandable to his. 

"Then keep an eye on her, if you dislike her so much. But subtly, if you will." A light nip, and the sprite was gone. 



❝ A rarity in itself honestly, I’m more accustomed
    to arguing than finding someone with similar views. ❞

             She glanced down at the book in front of her
             then nudged it toward him. Not that she expected
             him to understand anything that was written on it
             but more out of curiosity for his reaction. Other gods
             she knew were bilingual — was he?

❝ Something like that. Research on an old topic
  for a friend who’s too busy to check the sources. ❞


Her gaze drifted to the windows, a faint smile
appeared at the sight of the rain falling. Aside
from snow it was her favorite kind of weather,
mainly to watch than walk in.

           ❝ How can you hate the rain? I love it. ❞

"I weep for both our states and be glad
 that I’ve finally met a kindred spirit. Those
 are hard to find.”

( a brief glance at the book became
  longer, as he frowned at the words
  on the cover. loki knew most branches
  of magic in the nine realms, but he
  had stayed away from certain areas
  simply because his mother had told
  him these were…dangerous. )


             ( he looked at her and then at the
               book again, unsure if he had it
               right or not. with another glance
               at the window, he shrugged. )

"Rain is clammy. It reminds me
 of the gloom. I’d rather not dwell
 on such emotions for now.” 


█▓▒░ ⊰ ✯ ⊱ ;  


                   ❝   mayhaps             ❞.

                               ❝  had  he  truly   tarry   on
                                        plaguing   our   home  ❞.

            a rather fleeting moment of quaint dubiety ( as 
            would    his  munificent   propoundment   shall   for
            naught markedly foretell forsaking one’s endeared
            forbearer ),  afore the young queen quite irrefutably
            yields to such nimble fancy — were it only deemed
            as  lone  unravelment   upon the fool of a ludicrous
            king’s unsought beleaguering.  

                                                                   then coral lips bade to utter quiescence 
                                                                   ( still     sightly  bent  aloft  so  shall  linger 
                                                                   forth;;   for  it   is her  peerless  grace   that 
                                                                   shan’t    ever   waver    be  it  in   nonpareil
                                                                   m i r t h ,  or gilt- edged    i r e  — a  turgid
                                                                   lioness neath an august guise )——————.

                                 ——————  as  would  the  writhing nursling bundle 
                                 athwart   blooming   chest   —   glinting  emeralds
                                 veiled by gentle lids, even  whilst  flocculent   pelts
                                 of fur capered blithely about

                it  is  yet  another dragging lull before the 
                the     luring     creature  opts    to    speak 
                in    c h i m i n g    tones———-.

                                                        ❝   jer du godt, min kjærlighet ?  ❞.

( chuckling softly, he pushed the hund off
  of him and stood, making a face at linus
  before brushing the fur from his clothes. )

           ”Perfectly so, my love. Perhaps now
            we can 
break our fast, yes?” 

( oh but fate seemed to have other plans in
  mind, as the older Foster appeared at the
  doorway then, face as white as a sheet. the
  two men stared at each other, with loki being
  the first to visibly back away. )


                ( silence stretched on, spiraling into
                  an awkward situation. he cleared
                  his throat, the kitten mewling from
                  the crook of his arm, demanding for
                  milk. )

                                  “….good morrow, Father.”